CS group

The CS Group is an international group formed over ten years’ constant development. It has gained an important strategic position on all principal European and North American markets. The group was initially formed from the head company Ciesse Flower Export, which was later joined by some production and distributing companies long established in the flower sector and endowed with a mission aimed at specific markets and a selected client target.

The companies in the CS Group are:

Solar Flower

Solar Flower specializes in the sales and marketing of flowers with a particularly good price quality ratio: the customary magnificent displays of Sanremo quality flowers at a truly affordable price. Brand aimed to supply mostly greenery and some varieties of cut flowers has managed to penetrate the Dutch, English and German markets by utilizing the technological and logistic structures of the Group.

Ciesse Transport

Speed and punctuality are fundamental in transporting flowers across Europe and is a job for professionals. Ciesse Transport is a specialist company that takes care not only of the Group’s transport but also for all professional sector operators that require punctual, cost effective transport for their fragile products.

Thanks to the up to date park of 10 refrigerated lorries that cover the main European routes and the team of highly skilled drivers the company can guarantee an efficient transport service and logistics management in particular for the sectors of cut flowers, ornamental and flowering plants.