Pot plants

The Ciesse Flower Export offers pot-plants through a dedicated trade system which consists of individual units located in Albenga, Brescia and Terlizzi (BA).

In Albenga, the heart of the Mediterranean plants’ production, Ciesse has an independent structure with professional purchasing and sales office, 300 m2 warehouse and logistic facilities.

We handled about 12.000 trolleys, 1.500.000 aromatics herbs, 300.000 daisies and 450.000 different kind of pot-plants.

For this activity Ciesse Flower Export has about 150 selected suppliers in Albenga and on the national territory in order to provide a full range of the Italian pot-plants production, selected by an experienced and trained team.

The office in Brescia is arranging and coordinating the logistic aspect of this. Skilled staff is dedicated exclusively to buy and sell Italian pot-plants to the retailers.

The office in Bari is constantly dedicated to look for products of the south - Italy ‘s territory.