The Riviera

Ciesse Flower is located in the heart of the Riviera di Fiori, just a few kilometres from Sanremo, where – around the mid 19th century – the modern flower market was born thanks to Alphonse Karr who set up a flower marketing business by rail with deliveries to Paris of baskets of violets, daffodils and buttercups.

After initially starting by producing cut flowers and from the fields and foliage, from the beginning of the 20th century the mild climate meant that flower production could be continued outside even during the winter.

From 1910 on, floriculture was practiced using scientific methods with the founding of the Floricultural Research Station still active today in the world of scientific research.

The Flower Market was established in Sanremo in 1914 and today is the largest centre of Italian flower production.

From the point of view of production the Italian share in the world market has fallen in recent years, but still remains the highest in the world: the Italian nursery gardening turn over totals 2.5 billion Euro, of which around 500 million Euro is produced in the single province of Imperia. The advantage of Liguria compared with other areas of production is the result of the climate that enables flowers to be grown out of greenhouses even in the winter.

The Riviera di Fiori and Sanremo can thus lay claim to a long tradition in the cultivation and marketing of flowers and it is against this important background that Ciesse Flower was set up.