Our staff

In 1985 Sandro Cepollina decided to invest in a sector that had a long tradition for western Liguria and he set up Ciesse Flower Export. His ability to choose the most highly skilled staff in the market ensured that the company was quickly able to develop and get important market shares rather than company already present in the area and rapidly take the lead in its market sector.

Through the years Ciesse has been able to invest money to develop new warehouses, new techniques in the wrapping and packing systems and buying the vehicles necessary to ensure the best service to its customers.

In the year 2011 Ciesse opened a new branch for potted plants in Albenga from where all the import pot plants for the Italian retail market and the Italian pot plants are dispatched and prepared for customers.

His family, together with a skilled team of assistants, is day by day involved in the running of the company, the continual search for excellence and in providing the best possible service to their clients by feeling part of it.

Ciesse is continuously improving its services and its know-how to approach new markets and new marketing channels in order to be the more competitive possible and present on different markets worldwide.