CS transport

The specialised company that takes care of transport of fresh cut flowers, foliage and plants on the main European routes, is Ciesse Transport, based at Arma di Taggia, is part of the CS Group.

The careful control of the logistics of the goods and punctuality of delivery is a critical factor in assessing the quality of service from the client's point of view.

This is why the CS Group did not want to contract out such an important service but opted to keep direct control of the operation and management of the activity, using its own centres in Germany for local distribution.

The company owns 12 refrigerated lorries that before each journey are checked and serviced by qualified staff to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Ciesse Transport has special delivery networks from Italy to North Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, the UK , Czech Republic) but also undertakes transport for third parties especially from North Europe to the South of France and North Italy.