Our range

The quality of the marketed product is guaranteed by a team of professionals operating on the most important flower markets. In addition, a group of specialist buyers have the task of following market trends and developments paying special attention to innovation and choice of purchase.

Priority is given to long-established relations with small-scale companies in the most suitable production sectors and that are capable of ensuring extreme care in the cultivation processes. These companies are provided with product purchase warranties, precise specifications and materials necessary for preliminary wrapping.

One of the prerogatives of Ciesse Flower is product freshness that must remain unaltered even following delivery to the client. For this purpose the correct choice of wrapping is necessary, a choice that is made according to top quality innovative materials.

According to the choice of transport products will be packed in cardboard boxes, aquapack, aimer, plastic containers, procona or containers. In addition, should orders exceed a certain number of packs, during transport and storage aimer and plastic containers are placed on trolleys for better goods storage.